Innovative Technology

BioLambda is an innovative biomedical optics company focused on the development of highly automated and precise light-based technologies for biological applications.

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Simplicity & versatility

BioLambda simplifies your tasks: now it is easier to configure your irradiation protocol using power percentage, irradiance, radiant exposure and irradiation time through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

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Biolambda Blackbox Smart

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Our products have been designed so that all parts - including you - work best together.

Our exclusive controllers (BlackBox Smart and Mini) were made to automatically identify each irradiator module so you don't have to recalibrate them each time you change the light setup.

Go ahead and play with our interactive 3D model of LEDbox.

Irradiation Homogeneity

Researching the applications and effects of light in life sciences is our job. We are convinced that consistent irradiance homogeneity among all the irradiated surface is crucial to achieve reliable results.

Therefore we have worked hard developing the optics of our irradiators to meet our quality and reproducibility requirements, which we believe are one of our greatest contributions to the scientific and professional communities.


Irradiators available in 20+ wavelengths, from UV to NIR

Meet our products!

In vitro application

With LEDbox your in vitro studies will be rather optimized. Just place a culture plate inside the Light Chambr and close the door: you can be sure all wells will receive the same irradiance during the entire experiment. You can also choose to irradiate your samples from the bottom or from the top.

In vivoapplication

When in direct contact with the tissue, LEDsabr illuminates areas of 4.15 square cm with irradiance levels reaching up to 100 mW per sq. cm.

If you need to irradiate small animals like mice, they can be easily accommodated inside the Light Chambr. This way, they get full body exposition to a very homogeneous light delivered by LEDbox.

Clinical application

LEDsabr is also suitable for clinical trials. Its ergonomic feature grants a comfort and secure grip and its unique configuration ensures biosafety since the optic components don't get directly in contact with patient and can be easily sanitized after use.

If you like hands-free operation, we have an accessory just for you: a high-sensitivity 360° triggered pedal switch.